“SupremeBG is an artist that will connect with and captivate any audience from ages 5 to 75. The authenticity that is displayed through the creative process of crafting and then bringing a song to life through soul reaching performance can not be denied.”

Originally hailing from Birmingham, Alabama with roots also in Tuscaloosa(RollTide Country) some may attribute her work ethic,persistence,and resilience to that deep Southern rearing. Aside from the obvious musical influence, its the Soul of the South that shines through in  all the makings of SupremeBG.

SupremeBG began her musical journey apart of a dynamic duo known to most as “Smoking Acez”. They toured the Eastern border of the United States including Boston,Baltimore,Orlando,etc. gaining the attention and respect of not only a small fanbase but peers in the industry also. As of 2014 SupremeBG has been progressing on as a solo artist. Life’s trials,tribulations,and growth have not been enough to stop this persistent artist,hence the name SUPREME.

In Addition to her love for writing,recording,and performing music, being an asset to her community or as she likes to say “Paying Dues” is equally important. She often goes out personally to the streets and homeless shelters to touch the people with time,clothing, and food. She also believes its important for young children of color to be aware and proud of their heritage. When she first embarked on her solo career, she officially launched the “Young,Black,and Proud” Campaign. As of recently she has launched the “Sowing Supreme Seedz Foundation”, which encompasses all of her social humanity efforts.



Touch The Land Touch The People  Promo Tour Pt.1 Alabama

Im looking forward to meeting my people and beating the pavement!!  

Supreme B.G will be kicking off her Touch The Land Touch The People Tour Series in her birthstate of Alabama. She will be visiting historic sites in each city as well as local record shops in each area. Along the way networking and exposing new people to her music, personality, and overall story.
Touch The Land Touch The People Promo Tour Pt.1 ALABAMA


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